Getting to know Sarah through our sponsorship of ORICA-AIS women’s Pro Tour Team has really been rewarding. Sarah’s product research feedback and social media support has been second to none as she’s raced throughout the season. She’s been such a strong ambassador for CRAFT, we couldn’t have asked for more.

John Michael Thomson

logo-avonleaI have known Sarah for 5 years and watched her develop and grow into an exceptional cyclist and fine young woman of sterling character.
She has inspired so many of us in her determination after returning from injury and illness a few times, showing her resilience, dedication and commitment to her career.
She has had an amazing year of victories, winning a Grand Tour stage as well.
Her magnanimous nature is an inspiration to everyone she knows and is respected by all in the Peleton and the amateur casual rides she participates in. She is a great ambassador for our country and I have confidence in her continued success and contribution to the sport.

Mike Ellis. 

We have loved working with Sarah over the years. We knew Sarah when she was first competing as a triathlete and we really enjoyed supporting her through that.
When she decided to focus solely on cycling we continued our support and have found her development and strength to be remarkable.
It has been wonderful to see her compete and achieve as much as she has over the eight years we worked with her. Sarah has been an outgoing, fun and courteous person throughout our sponsorship.
She has been ever willing to give back when working with us so we have loved to help her fundraise and realise her dreams. We couldn’t recommend working with Sarah highly enough. Best of luck Sarah!

Neville Mason