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Check out all the videos from Orica Scott at the 2017 Giro Rosa! Each stage comes with unique behind the scenes footage; see what it’s really like to on the road with a professional cycling team.

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Well done, team!

A video of my pre-season training camp in Tenerife

A video of my pre-season training camp in Tenerife

I was incredibly happy with such a successful training camp in February thanks to my coach, Natalie Kaebisch. Nat lives in Sydney, on the other side of the world, but kept a close eye on things and guided me through a solid training block after a pretty rocky summer. Given the less than ideal summer I had, this training camp was all the more important for me. I needed this to bring my form up to a level that I could race with in Europe. It wouldn’t have been possible without the support of my local Rotary Club and my friends Lana and Greg at Smartline Personal Mortgage Advisers. It is for their unreal support that I am extremely grateful. Here is a little video I made of my time at altitude.